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We manufacture for you on around 1800m²
and through continuous investments we stand up
state-of-the-art machinery available.


From three automated CNC-machining centers,
about the most modern cutting technology,
up to the ultra-modern paint shop
there are no limits to our manufacturing possibilities!


Thanks to the latest CNC technology and the know-how of our team

there are no limits to the possibilities for CNC machining -

whether in series or as a single piece.

Anker 1
Anker 2


As a naturally renewable raw material, wood is one of the
most beautiful materials for the manufacture of furniture.

Painting the furniture is the best way
to protect the wood products from stains, moisture, dirt and dust
and at the same time perfect to refine.


Our paint shop is equipped with the latest extraction and spray technology,

so that our surfaces meet the highest demands.
whether in matt or high gloss!

See for yourself.

Anker 3


The laser edge.


With the zero joint technology, the industry has created a trend

which end consumers are becoming increasingly aware of for theirs
Living room, bathroom or kitchen furniture.

Because not only the perfect look thanks to the optically seamless connection between
Edge and plate are convincing, but above all the perfect appearance of the edge.


The zero joint is trend-setting.

The absence of adhesive protects the environment.

And without glue, no joint on which dust or dirt can settle -
The perfect solution, especially for light-colored furniture!


Would you like to convince yourself of this?

Request samples from us here .

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